Frequently Asked Questions

FloorTap is an online forum where brokers, landlords, retail or commercial tenants can exchange information related to commercial properties. It allows listing properties for tenants, buyers, landlords, and brokers.

FloorTap provides basic information about supply and demand of commercial properties for free. To access contact information, users need to create a login on the Floortap website.

FloorTap's unique focus is on commercial properties. It holds the largest collection of 'Registered Transactions' in India, referred to as 'Comps'.

FloorTap is more than just a marketplace. It collaborates closely with commercial real estate stakeholders for data analytics and lease administration, ensuring accurate and fast property information.

FloorTap lists various commercial property types including office space, retail, F&B, warehouses, industrial spaces, pre-leased properties, kiosks, Galas, co-working spaces, managed offices, and hybrid spaces.

'Demand' on FloorTap refers to the current 'active' requirement for commercial properties by occupiers or retailers.

'Supply' on FloorTap refers to the current 'active' availability of commercial properties from landlords, brokers, or builders.

On FloorTap, tenants and brokers can list their property requirements for locations where they don't have a presence. The demand is matched with supply from locations where brokers lack resources.

FloorTap's team actively sources supply and allows brokers, developers, and landlords to list available properties.

If you are a broker or tenant, you can log in to FloorTap and submit your property demand. The FloorTap analytics team reviews and approves requests before making them available to the public.

If you are a broker or landlord, you can sign in to FloorTap and provide details about your commercial property. The FloorTap analytics team reviews and approves the supply before listing it online.

Posting a commercial property demand on FloorTap is completely free. You can post multiple property requirements for free.

Posting a commercial property supply on FloorTap is also completely free.

No, FloorTap does not charge any additional commission when your commercial property or demand is shortlisted, finalized, or transacted.

Yes, all commercial property supply listed on FloorTap undergoes a 'Analyst Verification' process to ensure its accuracy.

FloorTap offers its services across Pan India, covering a wide range of cities.

You can create a free account on FloorTap by providing your email and mobile number.

'Comps' are historical registered transactions. FloorTap holds the largest collection of digitized registered transactions in India, providing valuable information for users.

The Commercial Real Estate data on FloorTap is sourced from the respective State Government's Department of Registration and Stamps website.

No, you can only create one profile (landlord, broker, tenant) at a time using one mobile number on FloorTap.

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