Dwarka Expressway, New Gurgaon – First Urban Elevated Highway of India

Dwarka Expressway

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the Gurgaon section of the Dwarka Expressway.

On March 11, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the Gurgaon section of the Dwarka Expressway. Raja Rao Inderjit Singh Yadav, Minister of State in the Government of India, organised a roadshow. The inauguration took place in Dwarka Sector 25. The expressway opened 18 years after the Haryana government initiated the project. In the last six years, Delhi has seen the opening of five expressways.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also laid the groundwork for the 112 National Highway, with both projects costing Rs 1 lakh crore.

The Haryana Transport Department intends to construct an interstate bus terminal close to the Gurgaon expressway in order to improve connectivity to the Dwarka Expressway. On January 16, 2024, the government announced that the current Terminal in Sector 12 will be replaced.

About Dwarka Expressway

The Dwarka Expressway, following the NH-8 and Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, is the third direct route that connects Delhi and Gurgaon. The expressway, which will connect Shiv Murti in Delhi and Kherki Daula in Gurugram, will be a 16-lane access-controlled motorway. The expressway will run through Delhi for the final 10.1 km and through Gurugram for the remaining 18.9 km. 

With its eight-lane grade-separated route, three-lane service roads, numerous crossroad underpasses at strategic intersection points, and multi-level interchanges, the expressway will be a spectacular example of contemporary engineering marvellousness. 

Furthermore, direct access to the upcoming India International Convention Centre (IICC) in Sector 25 of Dwarka will be made possible by the Dwarka Expressway New Gurgaon. Additionally, it will offer a detour via an eight-lane shallow tunnel to IGI Airport. The expressway’s advantageous location guarantees excellent access to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), NH-8, Bijwasan, and the railway station.

Furthermore, in an effort to encourage more development and trade, Haryana Roadways revealed plans to construct a new interstate bus station adjacent to the highway. Additionally, there are plans to increase the amount of greenery in the area. Along the expressway, two urban forests will be created using the Japanese Miyawaki technique. With plantations that are ten times taller and thirty times denser than typical woodlands, there will be an abundance of greenery. 

The Dwarka Expressway in New Gurgaon’s Main Features

The 29-kilometer (16-lane) section of NH-8 is a signal-free highway with four multi-level interchanges. This engineering marvel features four multi-level interchanges, multiple crossroad underpasses at major junctions, and three-lane service lanes on either side of the motorway.

A metro rail, or Mass Rapid Transit System Corridor, is being planned by the Haryana government as part of the Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex development plans along the Dwarka Expressway. This will start in Dwarka and travel via a metro hub being constructed on a 162-acre plot of land at Kherki Daula beside the new Interstate Bus Terminal to Manesar and Neemrana.

Vatika INXT2 will have a dedicated underpass constructed through it, connecting NH 352W to the Dwarka Expressway (NH 248BB).

Advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) like CCTV cameras, surveillance, toll management, advanced traffic management systems, and more will be installed along this first-rate corridor.

Current Status of Dwarka Expressway

The Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram, which was built as part of packages three and four, is undergoing a safety audit by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) as of October 2023. The audit is being completed in advance of the highway’s projected January 2024 opening.

Since more than 80% of the work on the Delhi stretch covered by packages one and two has been finished, NHAI intends to partially open that stretch by January 2024.

By August 2024, the entire road should be operational.

The Gurugram section has nearly all been finished, and a company is conducting a safety audit; their recommendations will be made public shortly.

The Gurugram segment of the Dwarka Expressway is scheduled to open by the end of November, following the implementation of corrective measures based on the audit report.

Dwarka Expressway Map

Numerous new homes and residential housing developments have been developed as a result of the construction of this super highway through New Gurgaon. Along the route, sectors 105, 106, 109, 110, 110A, 111, 112, and 113 are commercial hubs, while sectors 83, 84, and 99–113 are residential. 

The vastness of the Dwarka Expressway is shown on the map. Beginning on NH-8 at Shiv Murti in Delhi, the 29-kilometer Dwarka Expressway map travels through UER-II (which runs parallel to Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3), Barthal Chowk (the intersection of sectors 25 and 26 of Dwarka), then turns left and travels straight to Kherki Daula in Gurugram. The route ends on NH-8 about one kilometer before the Kherki Daula toll plaza at SPR, CPR junction. 

Packages of Dwarka Expressway

Four packages make up the Dwarka Expressway New Gurgaon project: two within Delhi, totaling 10.1 km, and two within Gurugram, totaling 19 km. Prakhar Sahay has gone into considerable detail regarding the alignment, features, and interchanges of every package on YouTube.

Package 1 

Coverage: Bijwasan Road Underbridge (RUB) to IGI Airport in Mahipalpur (km 0.6 to km 5.3) 

5.9 kilometers in distance 

J Kumar Infraprojects (JKIL) is the contractor.

Value of Contract: INR 1,349 Crore

Status: Construction has been underway since September 2020 after receiving approval from the Delhi government in July 2020.

Note: This route will be a part of the west side of Delhi’s future UER II Expressway. Additionally, it will be the western end of the recently constructed Rangpuri Bypass, which connects to Vasant Kunj via Nelson Mandela Marg.

Package 2

Coverage: Bijwasan RUB to the border between Delhi and Haryana (5.3 to 9.5 km) 

Distance: 4.2 kilometers 

J Kumar Infraprojects (JKIL) is the contractor.

Negotiated Price: INR 1,540 crore

Currently under construction

Note: This package is associated with the Sector 25 Dwarka International Exhibition-Cuption Center (ECC) project.

Package 3

The Basai Rail Overbridge (ROB) is located between the Delhi/Haryana border and km 9.5 and 19.7. 

10.2 kilometers in distance

Contractor: L&T, or Larsen & Toubro

Value of Contract: INR 1,334 crore

Currently under construction

Note: An eight-lane, 8.5-kilometer flyover on a single pier is part of this package. The Basai ROB is being increased by one.

Package 4 

Range: Kherki Dhaula to Basai ROB (Km – 19.7 to km 28.5 km)

Distance: 8.8 kilometers 

Contractor: L&T, or Larsen & Toubro

Value of Contract: INR 1,046 Crore

Currently under construction

Note: The highway ends at Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) after merging with Central Peripheral Road (CPR) at its southernmost point. There are plans to build a clover-leaf interchange to link it to the NH-48 (the former NH-8) route.

Package 5


Five kilometers in distance 

Four lanes are present.

Contractor: Not yet designated

Status: Awaiting the tender notice 

Dwarka Expressway: Timeline

Let’s examine the Dwarka Expressway timeline:-

S.noDate/Month/Year Description
1.8th March 2019The Indian Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways placed the cornerstone. Not long after the construction companies were given the contracts  
2.August 2019After the Delhi government approved Package 2 of the Dwarka Expressway, preparations for the project commenced. 
3.2020Work on the Dwarka Expressway was put on hold because of COVID-19.
4.February 2021In the Delhi region, about half of the expressway work was finished; Gurgaon is anticipated to be finished by August 2021.
5.March 2021By August 2022, the expressway was supposed to be finished.
6.September 2021By September 2022, the expressway’s cloverleaf segment should be finished.
7. June 2022It was announced that the motorway would be completed by early 2023.
8.August 2023The Dwarka Expressway will be completed in three months.
9.December 2023Dwarka Expressway is scheduled to open in January 2024.
10.January 2024The Dwarka Expressway is scheduled to open in March 2024.

Gurgaon’s New Dwarka Expressway Speed Limit

The 28-kilometer, access-controlled Dwarka Expressway was given national highway status by the NHAI, which also stated that the expressway’s horizontal alignment is intended for speeds of about 80 km/h.

Tolls on the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon

The first toll-free highways in the nation will be the Dwarka Expressway New Gurgaon and the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. This was disclosed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) on March 24, 2021, during the Road Safety Committee meeting. Dr. Yash Garg, the Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, presided over the meeting.

Gurgaon’s Dwarka Expressway: Effect on Real Estate 

Homeowners and real estate investors now have more options thanks to the Dwarka Expressway. Densely populated cities like Delhi and Gurgaon draw in working professionals from all over the nation. Both places have high property prices as a result of an inadequate supply of real estate compared to demand. But it’s expected that the new housing developments along the Dwarka Expressway, which are significantly less costly than those in Gurgaon and Delhi, will meet the growing demand.

The flats available in these residential developments are primarily 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK, with prices ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per square foot. The housing complexes, which are dispersed across the expressway, probably serve middle-class and upper-class demographics. Throughout the Dwarka Expressway New Gurgaon, there are more than 120 residential projects by Tata Housing, Indiabulls, Ramprastha, Raheja Group, ATS, and Puri Constructions. They are all advocating for the expeditious completion of the expressway.

The nearing completion of the expressway has resulted in a notable increase in prices across multiple industries. These neighborhoods have excellent e-way access to Delhi and Gurgaon and offer a number of affordable housing schemes. Although there isn’t as much demand for rentals in these locations as there is in more established ones, this is anticipated to change as the route gets easier to access.

Additional Dwarka Expressway Updates

Cloverleaf Section of Dwarka Expressway Completed

The Dwarka expressway’s cloverleaf segment is now open for testing after construction was finished. This section of the cloverleaf is being built close to Kherki Daula. When commuters are able to travel through the area, traffic will flow smoothly. The slip road that connects the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) was finished in the first week of December by Larsen and Toubro (L&T). 

All four of the cloverleaf’s ramps and loops are open for traffic testing. Movement is permitted on all four sides of the road in this section. This segment links the Central Peripheral Road, SPR, and Delhi-Gurgaon Expressways with the Dwarka Expressway. At the moment, commuters in Delhi are using the ramp to go from Sector 81 to Sector 95 in the direction of Rajiv Chowk. The cloverleaf section’s third ramp links SPR to Kherki Daula and in the direction of Jaipur. 

Last Words Regarding Gurgaon’s Dwarka Expressway

It is believed that purchasing real estate close to a major highway will increase profit margins. Now one of the top investment destinations for real estate investors and investors is Dwarka Expressway New Gurgaon, thanks to its superior social infrastructure, better connectivity, and higher live ability. In addition, the region’s demand for real estate is expected to rise due to its easy access to Delhi, reduced traffic on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, and close proximity to the KMP Expressway, NH-8, and Southern Peripheral Road.

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