Top Reasons to Invest in Commercial Properties in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai


Sanpada, located in Navi Mumbai has witnessed a surge in commercial activities in the past few years. This micro-market has benefitted from smooth connectivity and excellent infrastructure. Sanpada’s prime location along the Mumbai-Pune Highway makes it conveniently accessible.

The region is home to a number of office buildings and commercial structures that draw companies from a variety of industries, such as retail, finance, and information technology. Well-known commercial buildings offer top-notch office spaces that meet the demands of contemporary businesses.

According to recent data, out of a total stock of 1,051,148 sf of office space, 29,070 sf was leased and 3,851 sf was sold in the last 12 months. The average chargeable rental is Rs. 74.8 psf.

What Makes Sanpada a Thriving Commercial Hub?

Sanpada has emerged as a burgeoning commercial hotspot in Navi Mumbai. Its commercial real estate sector is expanding as a result of rising demand for retail and office spaces. Businesses wishing to relocate or grow find it to be a compelling alternative due to its competitive property rates compared to Mumbai. Let us further look into the factors that have aided in Sanpadas’ expansion.

Excellent Location and Connectivity

Sanpada’s strategic location is partly responsible for its ideal location in Navi Mumbai for business purposes. One of Navi Mumbai’s main business districts, Vashi, is located next to Sanpada. Sanpada provides easy access to CBD Belapur, another significant commercial center. It is a desirable alternative for companies and investors searching for affordable places because it has more affordable real estate costs than Mumbai.

Sanpada is directly and efficiently connected to many areas of Mumbai, including important business centers like CST, Andheri, and Thane, thanks to its own train station on the Mumbai Suburban train’s Harbour Line.
Sanpada has excellent access to a vast network of major highways and roads. The Palm Beach Road and the Sion-Panvel Expressway improve access to Thane, Mumbai, and other areas of Navi Mumbai.

The completion of the planned metro rail project and the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, which will enhance connection and accessibility even further,

Infrastructure and Development

Sanpada has a strong infrastructure and is undergoing rapid development. It has well-maintained roads, dependable public transportation, and contemporary apartment buildings. Prominent commercial complexes offer high-quality office spaces which draw retail, finance, and IT companies.

Its proximity to significant commercial areas such as Vashi and upcoming projects like the Navi Mumbai International Airport and metro expansions further increase its accessibility and growth prospects. With easy access to healthcare, education, and recreational opportunities, the area’s infrastructure promotes a high standard of living and makes it a desirable place for both businesses and inhabitants.

Sanpada’s office spaces are ideal for companies looking for a prime location, cutting-edge facilities, and room to expand. With current infrastructure upgrades, Sanpada will witness a surging demand for office spaces in the locality. In a recent transaction, an office space in Kesar Solitaire was sold at Rs. 13,051 psf in February 2024.

Let us look at the most expensive buildings in Sanpada that offer office spaces.

BuildingsAverage Rental (Chargeable)
The Affaires89
Kesar Solitaire68

High Rental Yields

Commercial properties in Sanpada promise high rental yields because of its advantageous location, good transportation, and strong infrastructure. The establishment of major commercial spaces draws retail, financial, and IT companies. Its appeal is further increased by its proximity to important hubs like Vashi and the soon-to-be Navi Mumbai International Airport. With its affordable real estate, cutting-edge facilities, and promising future expansion, Sanpada is an attractive location for commercial ventures with excellent rental yields.

In a recent transaction, La Renon Healthcare leased 6,800 sf of office space in Kesar Solitaire at Rs. 65 psf. Let us look at the top tenants renting office spaces in Sanpada.

TenantsAverage Rental (Chargeable)
OYO Workspaces89
Solbeg India79
Liebherr India69
Schaeffler India60
Platinum Hern58

Sanpada in Navi Mumbai is a highly sought-after location for commercial spaces because of its advantageous location, first-rate connectivity, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The region’s appeal is further enhanced by its proximity to important commercial centers and ongoing development initiatives, which make it a top choice for investors looking for profitable returns and companies looking to expand.

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