Chattarpur Metro Station

Chattarpur metro station

Chattarpur is a metro station located in the South West district. It is part of Delhi Metro’s yellow line, which serves Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Chattarpur is a well-known neighborhood in the South Delhi district, with easy access to numerous commercial and employment centers. Chattarpur Metro Station covers 26,000 square meters and was completed in a record nine months. Chattarpur is connected to the rest of the city and its surrounding areas by the Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line. Delhi Metro is the city’s public transportation and communication network. The Delhi Metro can legitimately be described as the city’s lifeline. With its extensive coverage of the city, the Delhi Metro provides seamless, end-to-end connectivity between Delhi and its neighboring cities of Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida, among others.

Chattarpur Metro station was opened to passengers on August 26, 2010. The Chattarpur metro station’s structure was built with a special pre-fabricated/structural steel, reducing construction time by nearly half. In 2019, the Chattarpur Metro station was renovated as part of the Delhi Metro’s comprehensive multimodal integration (MMI) project, which also included the construction of walkways, a theater, and public transportation parking spaces.

Chattarpur Metro Station Location

Chattarpur Metro Station is located at 28°30′24″N, 77°10′30″E. It is one of 17 elevated metro stations along Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line, the city’s third largest metro route. It is located on the Delhi Metro’s Yellow line, between the stations Qutub Minar and Sultanpur. Chattarpur Metro Station serves devotees who visit the Chattarpur temple and the surrounding communities of Chattarpur, Kishangarh Village, Mehrauli Village, and Vasant Kunj. The Chattarpur Metro station has three entry and exit gates, with gates one and three facing MG Road and gate two facing South West Delhi.

Chattarpur Metro Station Route Map

Chattarpur Metro Station will serve as an interchange station for Delhi Metro’s upcoming Silver Line (Line 11). The silver line route will connect Delhi Aerocity and Tuglaqabad. A proposed underground interchange station at Chattarpur would connect the Delhi Metro’s silver and yellow lines. The proposed metro station would be constructed 18 meters below ground level, with the platform at the bottom, the concourse above, and the roof level at the top. Once this route is operational, the time required to reach Indira Gandhi International Airport from Chattarpur will be significantly reduced, making this area more appealing for real estate investment.

Chattarpur Metro Station Facilities 

Chattarpur metro station is well-equipped with a variety of amenities to help commuters get around. These amenities include lifts, escalators, DMRC-approved parking, and so on.

Lifts & Escalators

The Chattarpur metro station has three lifts and three escalators for the convenience of passengers. It is a Divyang-friendly station. Outside the station, there is a lift and an escalator that connects the ground and concourse levels. The station also has two lifts and two escalators that lead from the concourse to the platforms after paying for entry with a metro card or token.


The Chattarpur metro station has DMRC-authorized parking for over 950 vehicles. It has parking space for approximately 800 two-wheelers and 80 four-wheelers. Metro commuters can park their vehicles in paid parking, which is charged by the hour.

Facilities at Chattarpur Metro Station

Chattarpur Metro station has five public toilets: one on the Unpaid Concourse, two near gates 1 and 2, and two near the MMI area.

Shops at Chattarpur Metro Station

The Chattarpur Metro station also has a WH Smith store inside the concourse, where commuters can buy food, beverages, magazines, books, and other items on the go.

Conclusion to Chattarpur Metro Station

chattarpur metro

Chattarpur Metro Station is located on one of the busiest metro routes. Plans to connect it to Delhi Aerocity via the Silver Line Metro are also underway. This will further improve connectivity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, making this area more appealing for real estate investors. The metro station is close to many Commercial Properties, making it suitable for a wide range of investors.

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