Adani Group Acquires Leasehold Rights of 25 Acres From Finolex for Rs 470 Crore


Adani Group’s subsidiary, Terravista Developers Pvt Ltd recently created a stir in Pune’s real estate market. According to the documents accessed by CRE Matrix, Terravista Developers paid Rs 470 crore to acquire the leasehold rights of 25 acres of land in Pimpri from Finolex Industries. Through the acquisition, Terravista Developers is extending its strategic reach into Pune’s dynamic real estate market.

Lease Details

The land, initially leased to Finolex Industries by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), is located in Haveli in Pimpri Industrial Area near Pune. On April 3, 2024, the official transfer of leasehold rights was registered, accompanied by a substantial stamp duty payment of Rs 23.52 crore.

The recent progress not only cements the presence of Terravista Developers in the Pimpri Industrial Area but also hints at possible changes in their business approach or growth strategies. Moreover, it underscores the area’s appeal for commercial endeavors likely encouraging investments and advancements in that vicinity. In general, the transfer of lease rights marks an achievement with consequences for the local economy and the wider real estate sector in Pune.

Lease Dynamics

A noteworthy aspect of this transaction is its long-term perspective. Finolex Industries had the land on lease for an impressive 95-year period, exemplifying sustained commitment to regional development. With the rights now passed to Terravista Developers, they inherit not just the land but also the opportunity to extend the lease for an additional 95 years—a testament to the enduring potential of this investment.

Implications for Pune

Terravista Developers has an ambitious plan to harness the land’s potential by constructing a cutting-edge data center—an initiative that has already got MIDC’s stamp of approval. This pivot towards digital infrastructure underscores Pune’s trajectory as a tech-forward city.

Following this strategic move, Terravista Developers emerges as a significant player among the key stakeholders shaping Pune’s evolving landscape­. It also fits with broader digital change trends. Se­tting up a modern data center can cre­ate jobs, grow the economy, and e­nable tech innovations in the are­a. This landmark deal serves as a beacon, illuminating the city’s path towards a future defined by digital prowess and economic resilience.

Recent Transactions

In a recent transaction, Titania Industrial Development in Pune purchased a 13.26 acre plot of land and a 1,00,000 square feet structure from Tata Autocomp Systems for Rs 134 crore.

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